Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Staycation Day One: Gruene

This year, instead of going to California for vacation, we decided to have a staycation. Our first destination was a little town called Gruene. Gruene is this VERY fun place just a little ways away from New Braunfels. It was founded in the 1800's by some German person, and is still pretty old-fashioned.

Most of it is made up of antique shops. It's really quite overwhelming, but there's some really old stuff. There were even buffalo bone earrings!

(No, these are not old. They're circa 2000.)

We got an old-fashioned portrait done at this place.

There was a mansion inn... pictured is their first attempt at a house. It looks like they forgot to include foundation and walls. ( It's really a root cellar).

A ship's wheel! Just like the Titanic!

This is the Mansion Inn. They actually fit 30 rooms into this little thing!

There was also an old- fashioned general store. They had license plates nailed into the floor. I personally don't think that it was such a fabulous idea-- they were slippery. Oh, and Texas license plates are not green. I messed up on photo editing.

I'm surprised that Daddy got out of the town with out a Coca-Cola something. He used to collect that type of thing and Gruene is like a heaven for Coke paraphernalia.

The general store also had some posters of 50's shows such as Andy Griffith...

...and I Love Lucy!

My favorite episode!

I'll try to post about day two tomorrow.


Jo-snazz said...

Looks like fun! Where is Gruene?

Lucie said...

Gruene is in south-ish Texas.Sorry, not Illinois. :) Anyway, it WAS a lot of fun. ...Lucie