Saturday, October 25, 2008

A trip to the ZOO

Playing with the Lions.

A very cute little bird...I love that color!

You can't go to the zoo and not see a toucan. :)

Now, these gibbons were a story. The small black one is a little baby about one and a half years old. It was so funny how he would fight with his dad. The blond one is the mother, to keep an eye on them. :)

The calmed down to love each other.

This-- this is the fattest squirrel on record. The zookeeper said that people often mistake them for otters. (The zoo used to have the fattest sparrows on record, but they had to thin out in order to fit between the fence mesh.)

Oh, look! It's Pumba!

Birds with Bad Hair Days.


And on a more serious note... the bald eagle. It was so sad how it would flap it's wings, wanting to fly.

This was a very lonely swan. It was all alone in a pool, so it came up to us to talk.


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Emmy said...

Lucie, that is so funny! I went to the zoo this weekend, and we loved the gibbons! they were something else!