Saturday, November 1, 2008

Music is powerful

Listening to "The Battle" on my playlist, I noticed something. I was listening to "The Battle" on my playlist. It just brought back that almost magical feeling of sitting in the theater, watching The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe for the first time. I used to be totally enamored with those movies. Now I realize why: it was the music. I think that it is the strains of the brass, the soaring of the strings and the vocal music in that particular song that so deeply entranced me. It literally did and still does give me goose bumps!


StrongJoy said...

You are right! - music is what makes or breaks movies. I like the quote that says, "The one thing that prevents life from being like the movies is the lack of cool background music." :)

Seize The Day!

Anonymous said...

I have the Prince Caspian soundtrack, and listening to it is so amazing. My favorite numbers are "Raid on the Castle", "The Duel," and "The Battle."

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, and I also have both movie companions! :-) They are great. The first one is so well written. It reads like a living book, as Charlotte Mason would call it.
We are hopeless Narnia nuts, aren't we?!?!?!?!? I have s friend on a forum, and her username is Caspianarnia. I call her Narn for short.
I have been a Narnia fan since I was nine! Or eight...can't remember...around then.
Anyway...wish I could have seen my face when I saw the poster for LWW! Don't you?

Lucie said...

Thanks, Strongjoy! I hadn't heard that quote, but it is SO right!

Emmy--I wish that I had the soundtrack. Alas, I am VERY tight-fisted with money, so I'll see about getting it CHEAP!!! I also love "The Raid on The Castle"

Do you use the Charlotte Mason method, too! Cool! I know, I am a hopeless nut. I was SO excited to see that you loved it too. I have the Prince Caspian Movie Guide-- it is a wreck. Sometime, maybe I'll take a picture of it and show just how dead it really is (the binding). :) I wish I could have seen your face, too. :)

Anonymous said...

I was excited the first time you posted on my blog. I love meeting other Narnia nuts.
I have the movie posters (BIG ones) fpr both films. Do you?
I hope the Dawn Treader poster will be able to find a place on my wall! :-)
I am really weird about keeping books and magazines neat. I will not suffer any damage to them if it can be helped. :-) I am so strange.
I got the PC soundtrack for $10 on My sister got a Narnia-inspired dagger! It is really SHARP!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucie!

Yes, the music makes the movie. I especially love vocal choral, in Narnia and the Lord of the Rings.

As for how I got the comment function at the end of my post - I went to the DASHBOARD and clicked SETTINGS and then COMMENTS and that is one of the options they give you - COMMENTS EMBEDDED BELOW POST is what they call it, I think. I was looking for something else when I went in there and I wasn't actually sure that I liked it until you commented! :))\


Lucie said...

Thanks, Raora!

Sarah said...

ooooh I love that quote from strongjoy! I totally agree!