Saturday, November 22, 2008

On a Budget

As I wrap up "production" of my Susan costume, I just want to remember the last months.

Things that I have learned:

-I don't actually like making patterns. It is back-breaking and at times seem almost impossible...especially when you are measuring yourself because you don't have a dress form that is your exact size (I don't even have a generic dress form).

-You can't really be picky about the type of fabric you use...look at me! I wanted a nice ribbed, purplish-pinkish wool/ wool blend. No such thing. It was a pain in and of itself to find a good color, so when I did, I bought it. Even though it was linen. Hey, it was half off!

- Don't just don't be picky about the princess seams unless you are prepared to make it from scratch. I mean literally.

-It is really, really hard to make a pattern. And, surprisingly, it is harder to make a skirt pattern than it is a bodice.

Moral: DON'T BE PICKY!!! ( I'm still working on that.)

Some pictures


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Pattern drafting can be tedious and time consuming... especially for such a detailed project like the one you're working on. From what I can see of it, you're doing a great job. When are we going to get to see it on you?

Lucie said...

Soon, I hoped! I want to get it done for when PC comes out on DVD-- in about a week and a half. :)

Jo-snazz said...

Looks great! I love the color you chose! Sorry I haven't posted about the fair yet, but I STILL haven't finished the costumes. :( I have been making some jewelry, so I'll post about that. Keep up the good work. Oh, and I totally know what you mean a skirt being hard to make from scratch!

Anonymous said...

Don't be picky about princess seams?!?!?! Oh, dear...


Mia said...

Hey Lucie!

I don't know why but for some reason I couldn't comment on the most recent post, that's why I'm commenting on this one (just so you know).

Anyway, I thought you'd might like to know that Picasa is actually a FREE program from Google! It's probably the best thing you can get for nothing. I don't know if interested in photo editing or not but thought I'd let you know!

Mia :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Fifi,

I am a regular reader of your mom's blog.

I thought you might like to know that made her own dress form out of an old t-shirt and duct tape. She found the plan online. It has been a while since I read how, but if you search the archives you'll find it.

good for you drafting your own patterns! I think you're inspiring.

deb meyers

Lucie said...

Thanks so much, Ms. Meyers! I really appreciate that link and will be interested doing the dress will CERTAINLY come in handy!