Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Doings of a Young Woman

Since I am not a " Simple Woman's Daybook" type (after all, I am thirteen) I decided to start my own. If you want to do it, feel free to use this picture. It's really pretty random, so if you think of other things that you are doing, just feel free to include them. Here goes:

I am wearing: a brown 3/4 sleeves shirt and dark blue jeans.

I am a listening to: a very LOUD mixture of my little sister playing her little $25 violin to the Celtic Woman Christmas CD and my other little sis' playing Narnia with her friend. It's getting quite brutal out there! (Narnia, I mean).

I am especially glad: that I am done with my schoolwork for the week.

I learned this week that: I can't be good ( for lack of a better word) just because I want to--God has to mold me.

I am working toward: a concerto competition in January, getting my math curriculum finished and finishing my Susan costume.

I have been thinking about: Lots of things, not the least of which being Christmas!

Outside my window: A lovely beginning of sunset, but still nice and cold.

I am reading: Jo's Boys and Plutarch's Twelve Lives.

Here ends this remembrance post.


Jo-snazz said...

Hey Lucie! Don't you like Jo's Boys? I enjoyed it. Have you read Wuthering Heights? UUUUGGGHHH! I don't like it. I can't wait to see your susan dress!

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

:) I love you.

Thank you for delving into Plutarch's Lives without complaint because I asked you to try.

Did I mention that I love you.

Sarah said...

Hey! you're reading Jo's Boys? I LOVE that book! I love the entire series! I love everything by L.M.A!