Friday, December 5, 2008

Shivering on a Bus Stop

Picture this:

A man. A man shivering on a bus stop. He is wearing a pair or old khaki shorts and an old forest green polo shirt, both so worn that they look gray and could not possibly be very warm. Day in, day out, he either sits there, trudges through the shopping center nearby or he sits someplace else. He has a hard time talking, so he can't get a job.

He would like shelter, but he can't imagine where there might be such a thing for him. He is often hungry, but sometimes people give him something to appease his hunger. Life is this cycle of cold days, cold nights (or hot days, hot nights) with no end in sight.

He watches the cars speed down the freeway, not really caring anymore, having learned not to care or wish himself in that impossible to reach world of comfort.

Perhaps he never cared.

All he knows is that he is hungry, and cold, and uncomfortable and lonely. He knows, subconsciously, that almost nobody in the assortment of middle-class cars really cares for him, or even notices.

He might not even know that God loves him, that God made him. How is he to know this? Nobody has much of a desire to come in contact with him. Of course, God is absolutely capable of leading this man to Himself though he were on a deserted island in the middle of the Arctic ocean.

But God has directed his children to feed the hungry, for if anyone does this unto the least of him their brethren, they do it unto him. Why, then are Christians just standing by?


Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

This is why I let you have a blog. I love you, Fifi...or Susan...whoever you are here.

Sarah said...

Wow that was great Lucie! Amen sista!

Emmy said...

That was great, Lucie!

My Susan dress is finished, and I was planning on asking my parents about sharing on The Wardrobe Door! :-) I hope they say yes.

How is your Susan dress going? :-)

Lucie, you should look into the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum! The website is at: Please look into it!
Also check out the Student Forum. See if you can guess which member is me. :-)

Nana said...

Nicely put. So many times it seems that time is going by fast and the saviors return is soon, but hey, why aren't the Christan's doing there job?