Friday, February 20, 2009

Do the Actors Get it?

"...or have you forgotten who really defeated the White Witch, Peter?"

Did Georgie Henley, when she said the above quote, know how it represents her as the childlike (in a good way) and undoubting Christian, who always trusts that God has a plan?

Did Skandar Keynes understand what he was representing when he betrayed his family and the Narnians for Turkish delight? And that he represented the sheep welcomed back into the fold when he came back?

Do any of them understand who Aslan represents? Did either Anna Popplewell or Georgie Henley understand what the significance was in Aslan's giving his life to save Edmund's?

I hope that they do. It just makes the movies so much more meaningful.

How strange it is to think that people who can play such allegorically spiritual roles might possibly not even know what they mean!


Bria said...

Very true Lucie!
I wonder that very thing! I just love your blog! BTW I just started a new blog you might like. Check it out at my blog.

Lucie said...

Thanks, Bria...confidentially, the idea of the post was spurred on by yours. I looked at the blog, and found it very interesting. Thanks for opening it!

The new guy in town said...

As a new author I hope they do. There is a great deal of time and preparation that goes into writing the book that becomes the movie. You hope that the people playing the role are doing more than earning a paycheck because it does show.

Carl Wiley

Sarah said...

I know what you mean. It's interesting no make that surprising that we can act out parts and play them well when really we have no idea what they mean. We do that alot in life you know. Alot of kids will grow up in the church and act out God's principles and yet have no idea what they really mean. It's kind of sad really. I hope all of the actors and actresses will someday come to understand exactly what their parts signified.

Lucie said...

Sarah--You're so right....that is true.

Jo-snazz said...

Yes, I wonder as well.

I have awarded you!


Lucie said...

Thanks, Joanna! I really appreciate it!

Sarah Grace said...

Good post! I hope they do "get it".
By the way, I have awarded you...Head over to my blog for details! In Christ,
Sarah Grace

Hudhornet said...

Hello, my name is Hudson (I'm Joanna Webber's brother), and, I herd that they're coming out with a Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I will do a post about it by Monday. But, I don't think it will be much more than what i've said here.


Hudhornet said...

Sorry, right after I pushed "publish" I realized that I didn't tell you a way to get to my blog, sorry.

Merilwen said...

I think the exact same thing! To think that such a Christian movie, and the actors probably don't have a clue! I think of it often when I watch Lord of the Rings, and I'm like, they probably don't believe a thing their saying.

Its really sad though,

God Bless!

Andrea said...

I found one of your older posts when I did a Google search for Susan's leather cuirass in the Prince Caspian movie. I might have passed on by after reading the one post except I realised, with a bit of a jolt, that I recognised you from your mother's blog! I ended up reading a bit more-- congratulations on finishing the dress! You may think your smile in the pictures is not terribly Queenly, but I must say, even if it isn't quite "Susan" I think it's VERY Lucy! I always imagine her as just BEAMING :)


Marissa said...

You were totally right about the smell of new violins!
The smell wonderful! =D


Nana said...

I think about this every time I see the movie!!! Do they get it??? What a great witnessing tool, especialley for teens. I think the simbolism is beautiful. But DO THEY GET IT!!!

chili pepper said...

Hi, Lucie.

I think that is such a lovely name. This is Brianna's mom. I am just checking out your blog because we have rules about us needing to look things over and check out other kids blogs before our daughter can give an invite to her blog.

I like your rule about no text talk. I think the English language has been mutilated by teens who can't be bothered and like the fact that you are taking a stand for a better standard.

I am impressed by your thoughts here. We just watched Prince Caspian again on Friday night with our family and each time I see that or the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, I can not but wonder the very same thing. How can these actors not know the Lord after this? Perhaps, they do, but how can you not. Of course, I know many who know the stories so well and yet reject the true God. The great deceiver is so good at blinding man to the truth.

I am surprised to find someone who likes Narnia as much as my children. I believe my girls will enjoy spending some time here at your site. And, I am going to follow along for some fun now and then.


Miss Kat~ Brianna's mom at Arts Chili Pepper