Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Favorite,*copy* Favorite, *paste,paste,paste...* award EVER

I am so excited...and I'm sure that you'll never guess why! This is (drumroll) the Narnia lover's award. Thanks Marissa!

I award it to:

Becca@Rebecca's Ramblings
Sarah @ Just One Girl
Johanna@ Jo-with-it's Portfolio
CG Narnia
And ANY other Narnia fans that I may have overlooked.


Marissa said...

By the way, I love your new blog look!!! The background goes really good with the header! (:


Sarah said...

YYYYAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been waiting for an award like this to be given! Thanks SOOO MUCH! now one quick question....what do I do with it??? :)

CGNarnia said...

Thank you so much! I love it! It's also the first award I have ever got on here. Thanks again!


'becca said...


Eärwen said...

HAHA!! I love the name of your title, it made me smile :)

~Miss Rose~ said...

Hey! Me! Me! *jumps up and down*
I'm a Narnia fan! Award me! :D :D :D

You don't have to, I'm just being silly...but I AM a Narnia fan! :D

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Lucie said...

AAAAHHHHHH! I'm so sorry! I didn't know! By all means...TAKE IT!!!!


ourspareoom said...

Hello Lucie...
Alright, this is completely off topic I know, but would you like to continue doing the Doings of a Young Woman? I will probably start very soon (I'm on vacation and have not been very busy on the blogosphere), but sooner or later I would like to introduce it to my blog as well.
Oh, by the way, I'm sure you deserve that Narnia lover's award! I'm a little odd myself, in the fact that I love Narnia so very much that I try not to blabber on about it, except to my nearest and dearest, so that I won't do it any discredit or give it a bad name. It's almost secret, or private terrain for me; at least the books anyway. I do have a Prince Caspian movie post up my sleeve, however, which may appear within the next ten years. The movies are an entirely different matter from the books, you know.
Oh dear, I've gone on too long again!
Off I go,

Lucie said...

Hi, Meg!

Thanks for commenting! I totally understand about not blabbering on...except on my blog of course :).

I would love to continue doing the Doings of a Young Woman!

I will continue checking your blog for that post during the next ten years. ;)

I'm sorry that I haven't commented on your blog...I'd like to,but I'm not allowed to give out our email freely. It's really nice, though!

Well, I, too, have gone on way too long...


ourspareoom said...

Hello again Lucie!
Don't be sorry for not commenting! I wasn't even allowed to comment until a while ago. I understand about not giving out your e-mail; but if it's any comfort, it doesn't appear anywhere or get published. It's only a safety precaution that Wordpress has set up that I can't undo. The addresses aren't saved anywhere on my blog though, and once a comment of yours has been approved, you're automatically approved every time after that and I won't ever see your e-mail address again. Please don't think I'm twisting your foot (you never have to comment), but perhaps this will make you feel safer.

Lucie said...


Merriette said...

It is so neat to come on a random blog and find someone so excited about receiving a blog award you created.

Ourspareoom, I love what you said about Narnia and completely agree!