Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years: 2010

Happy New Year!!!
May God bless you and keep you...


ourspareoom said...

A happy new year to you as well Miss Lucie! Keep your delightful posts coming this year (if possible, but no pressure, of course :) ).
P.S. Maybe if you come and visit Germany for three YEARS, you'll start feeling sorry for me :P.

Jo March said...

Happy Happy New Year!!!!

I'm really glad your back blogging again :P I missed you!

Much love,

Nana said...

And to you too! And as Meg said, do keep the delightful post coming!

Marian said...

Happy New Year!!! It did feel like 09 went by really fast! :(

kittikat said...

Happy New Year Lucie!!

Nana said...

Hello Lucie.

I was wondering were you got the brush pack that you used for your header? I was editing a picture the other day, and couldn't find the "right" brush. This one would work perfect I think.

Love to you,

Lucie Manette said...

@Meg: I'll do my utmost best...oh, and about the three-year visit: I might. Not probably. ;)But, I understand where you're coming from.

@Jo: I am, too!

@Nana: Thanks so much!

@Marian: It shouldn't be like that...

@Kittikat: you too!

ourspareoom said...

Oh by the way, that's a gorgeous new profile photo. That dress is definitely my favorite of any I've ever seen on Anna... and the hair and earings are lovely too. Where did you get that one in particular? NarniaWeb?

Lucie Manette said...


Yes, I did get it from the movie premiere section. I LOVE that dress, and I sooo want to copy it some summer(it's not too formal to wear to church and other "semi-formal" events, you know?) Thanks!

ourspareoom said...

Thanks! If you do ever try and make the dress, let me know how, because I would love it too. I think it would also look great in gray tones... dark bluish gray for the bodice, and a swirly light gray for the dress. Also in pink. But red is best :).
Lovely background, too. The snow on my blog stopped falling on Jan 4, for whatever reason. Oh well.