Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Susan Pevensie--Purple Narnian Gown

After the children explore the ruins of their old home, Cair Paravel, they find their old chests of treasure, among which are clothes from their days as kings and queens.

As most of you know, the summer, fall and winter of 2008 was consumed with my making a replica of this costume. I learned a lot about it, as you can imagine, so this is probably going to be the most correct write-up of a costume that I shall do. ;) Above, just so you know, is the picture that inspired me to attempt such a complicated task.

The overdress of this costume(consisting of bodice and skirt) is lavender. The
bodice is separate from the skirt. It is boned (stiff synthetic material used for strapless evening gowns and corsets) and probably lined. It is princess seamed, but not in the usual way...it has 4 side panels instead of two. Constructed properly (:/) this makes for a better fit. The bottom is edged with peplum that is reminiscent of her motif, the daffodil. The peplum and sleeves are made of the same pinstriped material that the overskirt is.
There is a daffodil inset in the middle of the bodice, made with what looks like gold-colored suede. The neckline in rather square, yet still round at the corners. There is about a half inch of the blue underdress neckline peeking out all around it.

The skirt is rather simple, just an evening length skirt with two side seams and a back seam. There is a split in the middle, not anchored down to the underdress (in other words, not like a colonial dress, but more like two seperate dresses layered).
A good pattern for the both skirts would be Mccalls 4109. The only modifications you'd have to make would be to cut the front like the back, just without seaming it.
Unfortunatly, there are not many patterns that would work nicely for the bodice. The corset that goes with the above mentioned one would work rather nicely, but I wouldn't attempt it unless you are an incredibly experienced seamstress (I speak from experience :/). A place you could look would be Mom's Patterns--she sometimes has something. Or you could make one. Like me. And if I did it, you could too. ;)
I love to hear more ideas about this dress...please share them!
P.S. To see my attempt, click here: Susan Pevensie Costume


Näna said...

You did a GREAT job on your dress...and my big sis made the same dress...using the same pattern. Go figure. Great minds think alike, huh?;)

kittikat said...

Lucie's back in blogland! A big Boo-Yah to ya'll!!!
(sorry, couldn't help myself!)
Kaitlin (KK)

Jo March said...

This dress ranks up in the top three of my favorite of Susan's outfits! It's sooo....feminine and medieval and...PURPLE! :)

You did a marvelous job on your dress, and you did a fantastic job creating your own bodice pattern! Even I haven't attempted that yet. Did you base it on any patterns you'd used previously?