Friday, August 29, 2008

Georgie When He Was Little

This is Georgie, our little white cat. At our house, he is commonly known as Booboo Kiki (this is my sister's doing). Here he is missing his mommy when we first got him (at 1 year old, he has out-grown this habit, plus, we have since done away with that dog bed).

We got him for my little sister's birthday. Here he is liking my mom's warm laptop (she took this picture when she wanted to get back to it, but he had claimed his place).

This is my dog, Patience and Georgie (I'll tell all about her name...later, it's a long story). She and Georgie get along very well. When Georgie was a very little kitten, I think that Patience took on the responsibility of being his mother. They still like each other, although now probably more on a "friends" type of basis. We often watch them play together and Patience, being about 5 times as big as Georgie is very gentle.
I think that Georgie entertains no fear of dogs, because I have seen the next-door neighbor's beagle (who looks almost exactly like Patience) sniffing in our front yard while Georgie sits on the porch not 2 yards away. At that point, I went out and got him, because I don't know this dog's present temperament towards cats. Georgie has done some really funny things. Like this: He likes to get really excited and when he does, he bristles up and starts running around crazily, springing off of things (almost like he wants to fly). One day, I was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden, he got excited. He took a leap off of the arm of the couch and jumped on to my face, using it as a spring board. He then proceeded to go about his crazy ways and I was left to laugh for a long time and hope my face wasn't permanently scarred.

P.S. It wasn't.

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