Monday, August 25, 2008

My Susan Pevensie Costume

I am currently working on Susan's purple dress from Prince Caspian. I had originally wanted to make the green archery dress from the first movie, but when I saw this picture, I changed my mind. I guess it was just the way the skirt flared just so (yes, yes, I know they probably pinned it that way, but I still like it).

The Bodice

Anyway, that started the train moving and pretty soon I was looking at every picture I could get my hands on of this dress. I also started looking all the pattern companies to try and find a pattern that would match what I wanted to make, how I wanted to make it. That shouldn't have been too hard, right? Wrong. Unbelievably, none of the pattern companies carried anything that matched what I wanted among their hundreds of patterns, so I set out to make my own (pattern, that is).

This is how the first one turned out. Something wrong here? Maybe it's the way the two sides of the different pattern pieces don't line up. Mmmmm. It didn't look so bad as all that on cloth, though.

Later, I found this picture. It shows the side pieces really well, so that was big help in understanding what to do wiht those. My last mock-up turned out very nicely and I would include a picture of it, but I lost it.

When I finish the other mock-ups, I will make posts on them.

All photos from the Narnia movie are from, the pictures in the sidebar link to it.

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Jo-snazz said...

Wow! I can't wait to see it when it is done! You are simply amazing! I like to sew, and make costumes, but I am not good. I need a lot of my mom's help, and could defineitley not design anything! Keep up the good work!
-Joanna Webber