Friday, October 17, 2008

Beware of the Pit Bulls!

I don't know about you, but I've met up with some pit bulls. You have too? Then you know the routine lines spouted by the owners " oh, she's really a good dog...she just doesn't like other dogs, she's fine with kids... she won't hurt you." Don't you believe it! Now, I'm sure that much of the time, pit bulls are just fine dogs, possibly even sweet. But when they change their mind and become animals (you know, those wild things that have a reputation of being unpredictable) you had better be up a tree.

I say all this because I realized just today how strong and unpredictable they really were.

We were at the dog park were there was a pit bull puppy and a grown pit bull. The adult dog seemed to be just a normal, peacable dog, but the puppy took an immediate disliking to Patience, our beagle. It started to chase her, nipping at her flanks and on the whole terrifying her. This happened a couple of times, both of which the owners were able to call it off. Then, it happened once again. The whole thing was very fast, but it seemed to go in slow motion. The puppy started to attack. This time, it didn't just chase Patience. They stayed there, wrestling.Then, the adult pit bull got involved. That was when it really got scary. I remember seeing Patience pinned to the ground and the pit bull pulling at her ear, or neck, or both. Mommy was screaming at the owners "somebody help!" and somehow they pulled the pit bull off Patience. We picked her up and made for the gate. Luckily she wasn't hurt.

But that could have been one of the little girls. Somebody could have died. Pit bulls should be restricted from public places when unleashed.

So, take this warning: pit bulls are animals and are capable of killing!

This post has nothing to do with Sarah Palin. :)


Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

God was good to us today in protecting us--and Patience too.

I'm glad it happened though, if it means that you three girls got an up close and personal lesson in thinking ahead and trusting what you know, rather than trusting the opinion or promise of a total stranger.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad your sister wasn't hurt, that must have been sooooo scary! I totally agree with you about Pit Bulls. I don't think people realize just how dangerous they really are. You're sister was so blessed to have other people who were watching and could pull off the dogs, but not many kids are that lucky. It's really sad, but you know when God made the earth there was no killing. Don't you wonder what a Pit Bull would be like if not for sin?

Lucie said...

Well, it actually was just my *dog* that got attacked--but it was still terrifying! I mean, hey, it could have been my sisters. All the same, thanks so much for the sympathy. :)

Jo-snazz said...

We used to have like 15 grown pit bulls that lived down the road. We couldn't take walks down that way again until they moved. NOT very fun.

Sarah said...

phew! and I was here gaping and gasping and praying because I thought it was your SISTER! I'm so glad your DOG is ok. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I need to disagree. You have said a lot and you have made a very good point. You have also had a bad experience and therefore you have nothing to prove your hypothesis wrong, but the hypothesis itself isn't correct. What you did in this post is judge and stereotype. Pit bulls, or any dog for that matter, are TRAINED by their MASTERS. It's not the dog itself, it's the interactions, experiences and the trainers the dog has had. If your mother let you grow up without proper training and without telling you what right and wrong is you would be a naive brat. But if your mother trains you with a firm hand and love you will be a good, obedient child. But I do agree with you, pit bulls are capable of killing. But so are Labs, great Danes, Poodles, and even Chihuahuas. I also agree with your mother:trusting what you know, rather than trusting the opinion of a total stranger.... but you should know that. I hope you change your mind.
P.S. you need to watch "The Dog Whisperer".

Terry, Ornament of His Grace said...

I'm glad that your dog is okay. Really.

I must respectfully disagree with anonymous. Pit bulls are a more dangerous breed of dog, more aggressive than say, a beagle. Only pit bull owbers disagree. Training matters a bit, but just as eagles are different from parrots are different from hummingbirds, some things are inherent in the makeup of certain animals.

Lucie said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I thought that you made some very good points in your comment.

However, Pit bulls are built stronger than other dogs. I'm sure that training can have a certain effect on their behavior. Still, the risk is just too great. Training is not a fool-proof safe-guard. The two dogs were not from the same owner. The fact that the adult got involved shows that his instincts were still intact, no matter how much training he might have gone through.

If almost any other type of dog changed it's mind, somebody might get a badly hurt, but there would be a lot less chance of their being killed.

All the same, thanks for stating your opinion--it's always interesting to hear other people's stances on a subject. :)

Not the same anonymous as above said...

Just cause a certain breed of dog has a bad reputation does not necessarily make them all bad. It has more to do with how they are trained and raised. German Shepherds often get a bad rap, but I grew up with them and our dogs were always very sweet and gentle unless there was a threat to one of the family. Just saying that it might not be wise to pass judgement on a whole breed of dogs because of one bad experience.

Ever seen the bumper sticker: "Punish the deed, not the breed" ?