Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Andrews Sisters: Part 2

Fun Facts about the Andrews Sisters:

  • They were three sisters whose age difference was excatly the same as mine and my sisters.

  • They were actually Greek, their father's real name was "Andreos."

  • Usually, the solos and leads were sung by the youngest, Patty (blonde, in the center). Eventually, that made problems for the group becuase she took it into her head to try a solo career.

  • Only the oldest, LaVerne, (dark hair, on left) read music. And they still sounded good!
  • The middle sister was named Maxene (she's the other one.)

  • They sang quite a few compilations with Bing Crosby.

Have you looked up the songs I told you about? Well, get to it! ;)


Marian said...

If you love the Andrews Sisters' music, there's this great online radio station that plays classic Christmas music 24/7 (I think), and I've heard the Andrews Sisters on there:


They play other Christmas favourites, too, such as the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, and sometimes highlights from The Nutcracker. =)

Joanna said...

*guilty* I've not looked them up yet, but I will! They don't sound exactly like the type of people I normally listen to...but I'll give it a try. :-)

ourspareoom said...

Yes, honey, I did look up those songs :). I've got the Boogie Woogie on my iPod. I looooooooooove it. They're so cute too, with their poofy hair. You should host a 1940's fashion blog thingummy... everyone can post pics of themselves in 40's imspired clothes and hair-dos. And I want to see the outfit you're working on! We could vote for a winner, too (or five winners, whatever).

Beth Ann said...

My sisters and I love the Andrews Sisters! :) We have seen and enjoyed many of their films. :)