Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All the Andrews Sister's Greats: Part I

This is a list of my favorite Andrews Sisters songs to date... so get your downloading program ready!

Bei Mir Bist Du Schon--their first hit.

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy--it's a piece of Americana now.

Is You or Is You Aint My Baby--so lively.

Straighten Up and Fly Right--absolutely hilarious to sing to.

(I'm Getting) Corns for My Country--you'd rather two-step with their horses any day!

Shoo Shoo Baby--very swing...makes you want to dance!

Oh Johnny--It was featured in's just too obvious

Oh! Mama!--I don't really get the very last line, but the rest is so funny. I made the mistake of having my little sisters listen to it. Now it's non-stop.

Yes, My Darling Daughter--not necessarily the best message (yes, daughter, you may go a-dating) but a very fun tune.


Jo-snazz said...

I've never heard of the Andrew Sisters before, maybe I should listen to some of their stuff. However, I did just hear a song by Dorris Day today, and I thought of you. :-)

Jo March said...

Where do you download your music from?

Sarah said...

thanks! i'm gonna look them up!

Anonymous said...

I love the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy... I watched it once on a little video of them singing it on air during WWII, and I remember thinking: knee-length skirts, jackets and shirts that are BUTTONED all the way up, crazy fluffy hair, black pumps, and shoulder-pads in their jackets... ME LIKEY! Too bad celebreties don't dress like that any more. I know some of their music doesn't have particularly good morals, but most of it is just plain fun. I bet you'd love their Jingle Bells with Bing Crosby... it's almost that time of year, you know :).

Jo March said...

Tagged you, but if you've already done it before, you don't have to again :)

Nana said...

Have you listened to any of Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sister's Christmas albums? They are my all time favorite Christmas music. And we are big Christmas Music junkies! I think the only Christmas songs I don't like are George Michale's "Last Christmas" (every is always teasing me about not liking that one) and "The Christmas Shoes". That one is just WAY TO SAPPY!

Hope things are well with you!


kittikat said...

Besides Christmas, I haven't listened to these girls at all! I take that back... I've heard the little bit of "Oh Johnny" that plays in LW2. ;) (LWW for those who aren't math lovers) ;)
"Straighten Up And Fly Right" IS a great tune. I've only heard Natalie Cole sing it...Oh, you might like her,too. In case you didn't know she's Nat King Cole's daughter. He was a legend in his time for his spunky songs and smooth voice. (You'd probably like him, too!)
I'll have to check out some of the Andrew Sister's songs... I have an unused iTunes gift card...

Lucie Manette said...

@Jo-Snazz: Awwwww!

@Jo March: I use a program called Rhapsody...actually,my dad and I share it 'cause it costs $12 a month. It's mostly for MP3s. Thanks so much for the tag!

@Meg: I'll have to FIND THAT VIDEO!!! I found some black pumps very much like they would have I wear them when I sing! ;)

@Nana: I haven't heard it yet, but I'm sure that by Dec. 25, my family will be mailing me numerous "cease and dissists." ;)

@Kittikat: I've listen to Nat King Cole since...I wasn't around yet. ;) My dad loves his voice!!! It's funny, but I'll be listening to an A.S. song and he'll say "hey, this was Nat King Coles!" Lol.

kittikat said...

Dear Lucie,
Have you seen my "Narnia Only" blog? Here is the URL:
I'd love to see you!