Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Trip to Pseudo New England

For you people who live wherever there is such a thing as fall foliage, this post might not mean too much. But in Texas, the weather is mild and the trees are either bare or green. All year 'round. There is really no "fire" to speak of...except in Lost Maples State Park. This lovely little pocket in the midst of the hill country was at peak this weekend. So we bundled all five-plus-one of us into the van and drove. ("Plus-one" = Patience)

It reminded me of scenes in Narnia and the leaves just about make their own light.

All these beautiful leaves looked so much like those fall decorations they sell at hobby stores!

I'm always so thrilled when Patience wants to get in the water. It's funny, though, that she'll go to just about any measure to avoid swimming.

Walking in bliss...

A red carpet! So elegant.

Three sisters. The water was freezing but *looked* so clean!

More walking in bliss...
Patience looking at her idea of heaven (wide open spaces).

Fall foliage is absolutely gorgeous!


Jo March said...

I love fall foliage too! Where we live, the colors are soooooo beautiful! I'm really glad my birthday is in October :)

Nana said...

Beautiful, Beautiful! Everything is bear here. We do get lots of colors for several weeks, so I can't complain too much. These pictures are amazing too. Did you take them, or did your Mom?

Lucie Manette said...

@Jo March: LUCKY! It must be nice to have some diversity in nature.

@Nana:Thanks so much...I did take them! I a sooooo glad they turned out well....

Moriah said...

I awarded you!

Lisa said...

Lovely pictures! That's one thing I enjoy about living in Ohio--we have beautiful fall color. It's the brief time between hot/humid and cold/wet. I enjoy it while it lasts!

kittikat said...

Dear Lucie,
At this point in time, the only tree that still has anything on it in the evergreens. But in late October, the maples are on fire, and the cherry trees are all yellows and oranges! It is certainly beautiful and the most colorful time of year! Most of the property on which our home sits is wooded, so we get to see the "red carpet". I suppose sometimes living here you to tend to take it for granted that you live among such natural wonders! You seem to like the colour as much as I do each year!
P.S. I awarded you!