Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meg's Button is your button for "The Gentlewoman's Almanac"

Go ahead and choose if you want to use a textbox or an actual post. I will refer to whichever you choose as a "white box. " ;)

Here is how to install:

1. Save this as an image
2.Create a post and add the button as an image. Make sure that instead of the automatic URL, you link it to "The Gentlewoman's Almanac" URL.
5. Now, you want to click the tab that says "HTML." Copy what it says.
6. now, you can choose either a textbox in your sidebar, or you could make a post (like I did with mine).
7. in the little box I have below, there is a code. Copy and paste it into your post (or textbox) and replace the following: YOUR TEXT HERE (type in the html code for you button here) with the code from your picture.
8. copy/paste the whole thing where you want it, and enjoy.

If anything goes wrong, or you have any questions, feel free to ask. I check the computer almost everyday, so there's not very much chance I'll miss it. ;)

I'll look forward to seeing it!


Näna said...

Looks FABTABULOUS, Susan! I LOVE the Jane Austen font.

ourspareoom said...

Oh thanks EVER so much, Lucie dear! I really appreciate this. It was a very lovely thing to wake up to this morning (German/American time is so wierd!). I will follow all your instructions to get it up and comment again when I have finished. By the way, the Narnian Logo is very cool :).
Yours truly,

ourspareoom said...

Hi again...
It's up! Because I can't add a textbox like you have, I created a page for the button with the HTML at the bottom for others to grab, and the button is displayed as an image in my sidebar with a link to the page. I made the button a bit smaller for my sidebar as it is quite narrow. I just love the way the button it looks... thanks so much again.

So by the way, would you be interested in writing something for the Almanac? Could be something about a favorite authoress, or even the publication of a book or the release of a movie... something girly with a specific date to put in the Almanac pages.