Thursday, May 27, 2010

Susan's Night Raid/Battle Armor

For this costume, I am just going to explore Susan Pevensie's armor that she wears during the much-discussed Night Raid scene and the epic battle, which is amoung my favorites. ;)

The main piece armor is a leather corset, called a cuirass. It is two pieces of hardened leather, each are sealed by piping at the side and laced to eachother. There are straps running across it and up over her shoulders, probably just for decoration (I don't see any reason for them.)

During the nightraid, Susan wears her purple outfit minus the bodice, which is replaced by this cuirass. For this sequence, she wears a leather vest that laces up the shoulders and is open at the sides (see the picture below). I've heard it said that it laces up the neck as well, but if you look closely, it actually just has a slit down the neck, with no closure.

For the battle, she wears the cuirass over a loooovely red dress (which I'll overview later) and a shirt of chain maille.

The chain maille seems to just be a shirt (think pullover)--made of metal. It has 3/4 sleeves that flare slightly as they go down. To protect her neck (and probably to add a little style) there is a gray-blue velvet collar, which could be connected to the dress itself.


Näna said...

Oh, this is my FAVORITE scene in all the Narnia movies. I like the look of the leather armor...I don't know why. It just seems more stylish then the metal plated armor:)


ourspareoom said...

Yes, I am very fond of Susan's outfits, and I wish I could see the amazing red dress without the armor on top of it (and I also like what small glimpses we get of her boots!). I do NOT like the Night Raid scene, however... in any other movie it would have been really cool, but it just deviated too far from what should have been the plot and added even MORE rivalry bewteen Peter and Caspian, which I really don't like. Anyway, I could keep rambling... but good overview. Wouldn't it be fun to just have the resources to make all of her costumes, and have a "Dress like Susan" day... or week... or month :).

Lucie Manette said...

@Nana: I know! It's kind of funny, though...I can't figure out why. :)

@Meg: Actually, I meant that the battle was my favorite scene...I do like the night raid, though. I know it's an unpopular view, but I think that the PC movie needed a bit more action than the book. I don't like the tension, either, but the movie would have been pretty boring had it kept exactly to the book. ) ;)

Jo March said...

Ditto here on the leather armor, it definitely looks more "stylish" :) I haven't the whole of the night raid part, so I haven't seen this costume "in action" if you will :)

There's something about that Susan/Caspian on the horse scene that I like....never can figure out why. Do you like it? Maybe it's just me.

Lucie Manette said...

Jo March: actually, I do like it! Even though it could have been played up a bit ;) it's really nice that they stuck some chivalry in there! So no, you're not alone.

Karlee Kay said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lucie! I really like your blog! ;)

(p.s. Sorry it took me so long to write back! I didn't see your comment until today!)

-Karlee Kay

Awel Prince said...

Dear Lucie, forgive me for not responding about GIMP. I was in my Comment AREA in my Dashboard and saw it for the first time!! UGH! :(

No, I haven't run into THAT particular problem. You might try reinstalling gimp. Whenever I have "major" issues, I just reinstall the decreped thing.

~Awel P.

Jo March said...

Oh goody! :) Yes, they could've "played it up" a bit more, but at least they put it in.

What *is* your favorite part of Prince Caspian?

Gianna said...

Wow! I agree with you that the night raid is a good scene - one of my favorites to be exact! I also love the red dress that she wears in the battle scene near the end. Could you do a post about lucy's battle outfit?? I love that also.

God bless,

Näna said...

Okay, great! So all us ladies agree about the leather armor...only I'm sure solders didn't have fashion in mind when they wore it;)

I'm with you, girls! Chivalry is awesome and I loved the way they added that in...and made Susan the damsel in distress:P

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ourspareoom said...

Aaaand... you've been awarded at my blog, deary! By the way, really cute background work going on here!

Hope Marie said...

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Jo March said...

I love your pretty new layout! You have a such a way with colors :)