Thursday, October 1, 2009

Currently Creating...

View A will go with beret and matching scarf.


Eldarwen Failariel said...

Hehe, it's going to be cute! :D I have some Simplicity patterns, too.

~Eldarwen Failariel~

Josephine March said...

I love the pattern! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Oh, and I just love your new background! You probably have the best backgrounds of any other blog I read (no offense to them, I hope) :)

Oh, and this is still Liza, just writing under a different name. Same account, same profile :) But I am switching over to being more private on the web.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lucie!!! I uh...haven't been around in awhile. (incase you don't remember me I'm the werid Gimp girl who's blog was Beyond the Highest Star.) I hvae a new blog about blog designs. :) it's if you're interested!!!


Bracie said...


Do you love Prince Caspian too? What a good movie!!

(That is, Prince Caspian the movie, not the character/actor... =D)

I love the coat, especially...and I have so many berets. They're amazing...

Moriah said...


Nana said...

OH MY WORD!!! ADORABLE! I'll have see if I can find this pattern! Amazing! How is it going? You'll have to post pictures when you are finished!

kittikat said...

Dear Lucie,
Kittikat here! I just came back from vacation. I absolutely LOVE this outfit!!! I'm a 1940/50's fashion freak! So glad to be back in blogland. Thanks for visitig my blog and joining me!

Marian said...

I tagged you! (see second post down on my blog)

And what a cute outfit! I would totally wear that. =)

Denielle said...

Hey Lu! I LOVE the new layout, I think Susan is one of my favorite Narnia characters. It is realy to bad that she doesn't go back in the end :(

Nana said...

Hey Lucie.
I've been meaning to ask you, how did you disign your page to have the tabs at the top? I mean under your header were it says links to me, portfolio, etc. I've been all over the internet, try to find instructions for how to do that when I was like, "Ok, so why not just ask Lucie?"
Anyway, hope you are having an awesome week!


Lucie Manette said...

@ Nana: You know, it's actually very simple! All you have to do is treat it like a gadget and drag it until it hits the "magic spot" on the header! The statue is a "torch" sent from the Pres. of Mexico to San Antonio. It's become quite a symbol. ;) I must admit, it took a little time to get used to it!

Nana said...

Thanks Lucie! The other day I tried it and it worked! Now I'm just deciding what to make tabs for...I do have a few up though.

Thanks again!


kittikat said...

Do you live near Fort Worth? If so, we may have mutual aquaintances.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lucie! I'm back at last, and hopefully blogging again soon. I can't wait to see how your outfit turns out; it is so beautiful! You'll look stunning in that hat and suit. Are you making the shirt as well, or just the jacket and skirt? What fabric?